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Josh Greenway

call/text 1-315-863-2660


Kieran O'Connor

call/text 315-481-8541


How to Register

Step One: tell us which events you'd like to play

Send an email to with the following info:

Which events you want to play (Early Bird(s) and/or Main Event)

Which lexicon you want to play (NWL or CSW)

Note: for Word Cup 2023 only, please see how to register on this page

Step Two: pay your entry fee (and commuter fee)

  • We offer many payment options whether you live in Canada or the USA (see below)

  • Entry fees may be paid in either Canadian or US currency

  • We offer entry fees in Canadian or US amounts as a convenience to players, using PayPal rates plus a processing fee to cover fluctuation in exchange rates

  • It helps us if you pay in advance so we don't have to handle cash on the day of the tournament

  • Entry fees are 100% refundable until the tournament begins

  • Commuter fees are charged on a per player basis for those not staying at the venue hotel in the official room block

  • Get in touch if you have questions about payments

Canada Residents

  • Interac:

  • Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover via US card processor, +service fee). Click here--> Pay online

  • Cheque: 102-130 Rosedale Valley Road, Toronto, ON, M4W 1P9

  • Cash at door

US Residents

  • PayPal: @scrabblepay (choose "send to friend")

  • Venmo: @scrabblepay (choose "send to friend")

  • Zelle: 315-481-8541 or

  • Cash App: $scrabblepay

  • Apple Pay: 315-481-8541

  • Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover, +service fee). Click here--> Pay online

  • Check: 313 Cooper Ln, Syracuse NY 13214

Step three: submit your proof of vaccination

Email your proof of vaccination to

If you have sent in your information for one of our previous tournaments, you are set for vax.

Your vaccination info will be entered into the Scrabble Vaccination Registry, a voluntary, opt-in list of players who have provided proof of Covid-19 vaccination for the purpose of playing Scrabble tournaments. This registry does not attempt to track vaccination status for all Scrabble players - it is a convenience for players and directors who opt-in, in order to avoid providing this information at each and every tournament.

Update your Emergency Contact information

Player safety is the number one priority at our tournaments. In the event of an emergency, having your contact information can be crucial. Please update your Emergency Contact information by clicking this link.