Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Commuter Fee. The commuter fee helps pay for the hotel ballroom for those players not staying at the host hotel, or for those staying outside our room block, or using points. The commuter fee is listed on the tournament flyer page.

When we set up a tournament, we get a free or low cost ballroom to play the games in. The hotel counts on our players staying at the hotel because they see revenue coming in. If you stay at the hotel but outside our room block, the hotel doesn't know, so it doesn't count for us. In addition, booking a room through websites likes Priceline, Orbitz, etc, won't count as part of our room count, and would be subject to the commuter fee.

We allow for two players per room to not have to pay the commuter fee. If there are more than two players staying in the room, the additional players will have to pay the fee to support the tournament.

Divisions. We normally set up divisions for NWL or WOW with ratings cut offs. Generally 0-1199, 1200- 1500 or 1200-1600. We don't change your division for the Main Event based on early birds.

CSW generally is one division, unless we have enough players to make a second division. The choice to make a second division is based on the player count and the number of rounds.

How do we pair players? If you'd like to know how we set up player pairings, we have a page for it. It explains it at a high level, and for those who want more detail, we have a longer explanation as well. Head to this page

Where do I find my next opponent and the standings? We try to do almost all our pairings, standings and data entry online. Here's a write up that explains it all.

Electronic Score Entry. We don't use paper for score entry. To find out how we do it, check this page for all the details.

Streaming. As part of our effort to promote streaming, we stream one game per round during our events. Generally this will be the top division of NWL, WOW or CSW. 

Thank you for being willing to be streamed as it helps players learn, gets them interested in the game and makes the tournament available to the Scrabble family even if they can't come in person!