WORD CUP 2023 is a 31-game 

Championship Level Scrabble Event

Questions? email wordcup@letsplayscrabble.com

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Word Cup 2023 Entry Fees

The Venue: Marriott Albany

189 Wolf Road, Albany NY 12205

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Divisions / Play-up Policy

We expect 3-4 TWL and 1-2 CSW divisions based on the splits below (depending on registration). More details to follow as the tournament approaches. 

NWL18 (based on peak WGPO rating / equivalent rating) 

Division One: 1800+

Division Two: 1400+

Division Three: 1000+

Division Four: <1000

CSW21 (based on peak WGPO rating / equivalent rating)

Division One: 1600+

Division Two: <1600

A player’s peak WGPO rating will be determined by:

Word Cup 2023 Schedule

Players within driving range need only 2 vacation days and 4 hotel nights to play Word Cup 2023!

Detailed Schedule

Main Event: Friday June 30-Tuesday July 4 (31 games)

Fri Jun 30

7:00pm-10:00pm Games 1-3

Sat Jul 1

9:00am-1:00pm Games 4-7

2:30pm-6:30pm Games 8-11

Sun Jul 2

9:00am-1:00pm Games 12-15

2:30pm-6:30pm Games 16-19

Mon Jul 3

9:00am-1:00pm Games 20-23

2:30pm-6:30pm Games 24-27

Tue Jul 4

9:00am-1:00pm Games 28-31

Early Bird 1: Thursday June 29 (7 games) 

11:30am-3:15pm Rounds 1-4, followed by check-in / break

3:45pm-6:30pm Rounds 5-7

Early Bird 2: Friday June 30 (5 games)

11:30am-4:30pm Rounds 1-5

Questions? Email wordcup@letsplayscrabble.com

Covid 19 Information

WGPO's Covid 19 vaccination policy may be found here. All players must comply with the policy in effect at the time of the tournament. Note: requirements may change at any time.

International Players

If you are traveling from outside the United States, we have an FAQ page for international players.

Directing team

Josh Greenway

WGPO & NASPA certified director



Kieran O'Connor

WGPO & NASPA certified director



What people are saying

seth lipkin

I'm excited to see steps, even if partial, towards a unified Scrabble world. What I love about Kieran and Josh's tourneys is the great organization, live results, and the fun side events like trivia. Albany has always been popular because of its relative convenience to a lot of Scrabble hot spots, from Ottawa to Toronto to Boston to NYC to Philly, and I'm sure that this Word Cup and future Albany events will continue to be a great place for Scrabblers to gather. 

steve pellinen

I’m excited to see the Word Cup returning to the Scrabble hotbed that is the Northeastern U.S.

will anderson

Josh and Kieran are the dynamic duo behind many of my fondest Scrabble experiences. As directors and organizers, few can match their attention to detail, innovation, and genuine concern and care for their players. I’m so excited to see them take charge of Word Cup 2023 and can’t wait to support them however I can. 

chloe fatsis

Josh and Kieran run a great tournament, from their professional and smooth directing, to the fun after hours events, to the strong camaraderie they foster. The 2023 WGPO Word Cup is sure to be a fantastic time! 

mike baron

I am delighted to learn Word Cup 2023 will be in Albany this year, and that Josh Greenway, one of Scrabble’s finest ambassadors, will be organizing the event! For years, I’ve wanted to attend the Fourth of July Albany extravaganza, so count me in! With the WGPO imprimatur on the event, I am sure it will be an exceptionally fun and well organized event. 

lynda finn

I'm so looking forward to Word Cup 2023 where we prove that collaboration can pay off for all Scrabble players. Hope to see you there. 

JACkson smylie

The dream team of Josh and Kieran never fail to provide an amazing tournament experience. I can’t wait to see what they do with the 2023 Word Cup and you’ll definitely see me there.

jan cardia

I started playing competitive Scrabble in 1978.  To me, there is no other game that compares!  WGPO's Word Cup is a must-attend event. 

keith hagel

Reno...Minneapolis...Denver...Portland...Madison...Phoenix...Springfield...Los Angeles..Miami...Chicago... and now...Word Cup 2023... ALBANY!! I'm looking forward to playing in my 11th consecutive Word Cup!

heidi robertson

Josh and Kieran are the  Scrabble Directing Duo Extraordinaire! You won't find a team more dedicated to a brilliant player experience than these two. Every tourney they direct promises to be incredibly well run and super fun. You're always sorry to see them end!

josh castellano

All of Josh and Kieran's tournaments that I've played in have been exceptionally organized and well run. I always greatly appreciate the careful consideration given to the pairings and their consequences for place prizes, especially in later rounds 

helen flores

Scrabble history will be made when Word Cup 2023 comes to Albany. Players from all over North America and the world will compete for over $50,000 in prize funds and “Word Nerd” bragging rights! Competition will be fierce, but we expect peace to break out between games.